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I am writing this page in case any woman should feel that because there is a page specifically devoted to men I only see men.

In fact, over the last eight years in particular, I have worked with twice as many women as I have men.

Many women initially think they would prefer to consult a female counsellor because of their previous experience of men in their life. This might arise from a relationship previous or current with a father, husband, partner, lover or perhaps an Employer or other authority figure.

However, I have consistently found that the very process itself of seeing a male counsellor helps women re-establish a degree of trust in their competence and ability to relate to and form a normal, proper working relationship with a man.

Most important of all, having a male counsellor almost always enhances the process whereby women develop within themselves a new confidence in their own judgment in their everyday encounters with men.

Some further key points -

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