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What is it?

Counselling is a talking and listening process that helps people understand their difficulties and to discover their potential for a more fulfilled life. It is a process through which an individual can take time out from their usual routine to examine aspects of their life they want to change.

There are times in most of our lives, often during periods of great change or key transitions, when even if we have the support of friends and family, we cannot turn to them, because, perhaps the problem is too personal, too private, or, family are part of the problem. This is when we might well seek outside assistance and guidance - such as counselling.

How can it help?

The process helps you to work on self-change, building strength and resilience through greater self-knowledge. It allows you to work towards self-fulfilment and a greater awareness of who you are. It identifies problems, investigates how they arose and then seeks to find long-term, lasting solutions to those problems.

What happens?

You talk about the things that are making life difficult for you. Part of counselling is clarifying the problems you want to solve and then helping you to reach a decision on what you would like to see changed. Counselling helps you to focus on understanding your feelings and seeing problems in a new light. This will also help you develop new ways of responding to future problems later in your life.

My Role

I see my role as a counsellor as that of a guide you tell me where you want to go, and then together we map out a route and programme to help you achieve your goal.

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