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Men make up only about one third of those seeking help through counselling or the talking cures, and yet men suffer distress just as often and in similar ways as women.

Part of the reason for this disparity is that many men have learnt the message from childhood that “big boys don’t cry”.

Then, as we become men, we internalise the idea that being a man means to sort out our problems without talking about them or involving outsiders.

Too often, men prefer not to admit they have a problem, and certainly not one that might benefit from talking it through with a neutral, professional third party.

In an attempt to mask feelings of inadequacy men can often turn to denial, anger or even drink and drugs.

One alternative to these, and probably the best, is to find a time and space in which you can talk, listen, express yourself, test out possible solutions and find answers, all without being judged.

There is no shame in acknowledging you might need help and then going to get it.

In fact it can often be the most important decision you take at that stage in your life.

And no one need ever know unless you choose to tell them!

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